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3 ways ignoring patient complaints is costing you money

When a patient complains to you or a team member, you really need to listen. If you don’t, it may end up costing your practice thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Top 5 reasons why dentists should measure patient satisfaction

Many dental practices often wonder why some patients leave and never come back. At a time when savvy consumers expect more out of the services they receive, relying on the gut feeling that patients are happy is no longer enough to ensure the success of a practice, no matter its size. Measuring patient satisfaction in a more systematic way offers many benefits.

1. Patient feedback tells you what’s not working.

Handling the patient complaint

“You’re wrong!”

A patient complaint is as powerful as a slap in the face. The words sting and when they come from a patient it most certainly feels like a threat to your integrity. Most people are tempted to show how they cannot possibly be wrong. Most people want to prove not only that they are in the right, but that the other person—in this case, the patient—is wrong.