How seeing better equates to better dentistry

Have you ever found yourself struggling to see what you’re doing in dim light – whether it’s reading or preparing a meal – and not realized how hard you were working against the dimness until someone turned on a brighter light and you could suddenly see everything so clearly? That’s what wearing exceptional loupes is like.

Dr. Flucke's top 5 test drives of 2014

There are lots of things I love about my job at Dental Products Report. I get to meet incredibly bright and driven people, I get to travel to meetings that allow me to see the latest and greatest in our great profession, and I get to test and experiment with the products and gear that will be available to my readers in the next year or two.

Orascoptic™ launches new RDH Elite™ Loupe

Orascoptic™, provider of vision solutions for dental professionals, has introduced RDH Elite™ – a loupe designed with a singular focus on dental hygiene. 

Orascoptic’s EyeZoom are the first and only loupe to offer adjustable magnification levels of 3x to 5x

Developed to help clinicians view an operating site from multiple perspectives, EyeZoom conforms to fit the preference of individual wearers.

What 101 dental hygienists said ... about loupes

As dental professionals, spending your day working in a small oral cavity plays a major role in ergonomics, and how your body feels at the end of the day. The dental field offers three basic types of optical aids that will magnify your small workspace: procedure scopes, surgical operating microscopes and loupes.

KaVo Kerr Group releases 20 new products during 2014 CDS Midwinter Meeting

KaVo Kerr Group brands are featuring twenty new products at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.

Dr. John Flucke: Top 5 new dental product test drives of 2013

I flat out cannot believe that another year has melted away that quickly. It feels like when I woke up this morning, it was Memorial Day!

Users give their take on these Pride Institute products recognized for excellence

Chosen by a distinguished panel comprised of some of the most forward-looking dentists in the industry, this year’s winners were narrowed down after lively debate.

The benefits of an all-in-one wireless loupe and headlight

Orascoptic's XV1 wireless loupe and headlight allows dental professionals to deliver optimal procedural outcomes with greater ease and less strain.

Recent study quantifies the benefits of magnification loupes across dental specialties

A recent study published by Ronald N. Brown, DDS of the UT Health Science Center’s Dental School uses two previous studies examines the link between a dental hygienist’s posture and the use of magnification lenses to extrapolate similar conclusions across multiple applications and dental specialties.