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Top things to consider before a dental office remodel

Would you ask a patient to invest in veneers before treating their dental pain? Not likely! Nor would you have your car painted if it needed a transmission, brakes, tires and a front-end alignment. So, why would you consider refreshing your office (fit and finish) without first addressing the challenges that have evolved since the days that the carpet was new, the paint was fresh and the wall coverings were in style? 

What you said matters most when it comes to dental office design [SURVEY]

We’ve all heard the saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Well, what you told us, among other things, in this year’s dental office design survey is that even if you think it is broke, you’re still not going to fix it any time in the near future.

Dr. Steven Koos: Why I don’t hide my practice’s sterilization area

Dr. Steven Koos looks out of the window of his Chicago oral and maxillofacial surgery practice he opened in 2008 and sees change on the horizon.

5 mistakes dentists make when thinking about office redesign

Dental Products Report asked Garrett Ludwig of Diversified Design Technologies to list the main errors he has seen dentists make through the years when planning a new dental office or redesigning their existing space.

How to visualize your new practice with Midmark's Artizan Expressions line Color Selector [VIDEO]

From the floor of the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, Crissy Treon of Midmark gives you a look at the new online Color Selector for Midmark's Artizan Expressions line.

Ritter Dental’s new Ultimate Comfort dental unit features ergonomic design, self-contained water system and more

Ritter Dental USA is this week introducing its new Ultimate Comfort dental unit at during the 2014 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.

GNYDM 2013: Midmark’s new Artizan® dental cabinetry provides a sleek, modern look to the dental space [VIDEO]

DPR caught up with Midmark Product Manager Crissy Treon at the Greater New York Dental Meeting in New York City to preview the new Artizan dental cabinetry, which combines advanced functionality and a sleek, modern look for a more upscale dental space.

Practicon’s Durastrong® Sky-Scapes® Light Panels provide a pleasant distraction for patients

Practicon is now offering several additional designs of the beautiful, easy-to-install Durastrong® Sky-Scapes® light panels.

6 tips to find the right workstation for your lab

These six tips can help ensure you invest in the right workstation for your lab that will not only serve your lab well today, but also in the future.

ADA releases Practical Guide to Dental Office Design

Looking to spruce up the design and flow of your dental practice? There’s a new ADA guide to help you with the process whether you’re refreshing an existing practice or building on from scratch.