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DentalEZ® introduces the CORE™ operatory package
DentalEZ® introduces the CORE™ operatory packageThe CORE package provides the complete essentials needed for a strong foundation in any dental operatory setting.
5 ways dentists can improve their customer service
5 ways dentists can improve their customer serviceA look at how the all-important aspect of customer service can be improved in your practice.
Is it time for you to make over your dental practice?
Is it time for you to make over your dental practice?If your dental practice's décor has seen better days, it’s time to initiate a practice makeover. It will give you a competitive edge in today’s challenging dental market.
5 important office updates for a modern practiceMany dentists spend a great deal of time and money designing a stunning website and fleshing out their online profiles, but how can they ensure that their physical presence is on par as well? Here are 5 things you can do to ensure your practice stands out.
From pain to power: How Dr. Desiree Walker transformed herself into "The Ninja Dentist"Looking at the athletic woman who tackles all kinds of obstacles on American Ninja Warrior, it’s hard to imagine that Dr. Desiree Walker was once in so much pain that she almost gave up her hopes of becoming a dentist.
4 tips that will help you build the dental practice of your dreams

After a tornado ripped through his small southern town, Dr. Jonathan Echols decided to rebuild in the same spot, focusing on building the practice of his dreams – and even expanding.

How to design the dental practice of your dreams

Creating an appealing and functional dental practice will enhance your productivity, efficiency, patient relations and your overall well-being.

What is one of the biggest dental practice design mistakes made by dentists?

When asked about the biggest mistakes that dentists make when planning an office redesign or new office build, Dr. Mark Tholen is quick to answer.

The top things to consider when planning a new dental office

I can’t help but speculate that the aversion to performing a feasibility study is as much emotional as it is financial. Clearly, there is a cost factor that may dissuade the fiscally faint of heart—despite its proven worth.

How NevinLabs' facilities solutions can make dental labs better [VIDEO]

No matter a lab's size, at some point, the facility and office space needs to change. Every dental lab owner has faced this reality, and NevinLabs (a division of DentalEZ) believes it has found a workable solution to help every one of those lab decision makers.