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    Aspida Recovery and the cruciality of data backups

    Having a backup system like Aspida Recovery can be critical in saving your practice in the event of a disaster.


    Concerned about ransomware?

    If you aren’t, you should be. This dangerous encryption scam is striking healthcare facilities at an alarming rate and many security experts are expecting it to only get worse. While reading the “McAfee Labs Threats Report” for September 2016, I noted this statement: “In 2016, ransomware authors have increasingly targeted the healthcare industry…” There have also been reports of several dental offices dealing with this disaster.

    To combat this threat, the AR appliance monitors your system in real time, constantly on the alert for ransomware. If you should become infected, AR will know the exact time of the infection. It can then restore a backup immediately prior to that point in time. This nullifies the threat and keeps your office running.

    Under normal circumstances an office won’t know the exact time of infection and will need to have their IT team figure this out. Because AR is always monitoring your system, this is not a concern making the restoration easier and more predictable.

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    HIPAA compliance

    Since Aspida was founded with HIPAA security in mind, they understand the legal requirements and processes better than their clients do. They will supply BAA (Business Associates Agreements) along with documenting HIPAA handbook policies that are inherent in the backup and recovery processes.

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    Benefits without user intervention

    The whole process and philosophy of backups can be fraught with risks. Over the years, I’ve heard multiple horror stories of every conceivable thing that could go wrong. Things like backing up an empty folder (meaning no backup at all) to backup drive failures, stolen backups and even “the employee in charge of backups just quit doing it and never told anyone.”

    Those are just a few of the reasons that I’ve always made the job of performing and verifying the backups, my job and mine alone. Yet I realize that there are many of my peers who either don’t have the time of the technical savvy to do that.

    That’s why I’m a big fan of backup appliances like Aspida Recovery. Backup and monitoring now require no effort by doctor or staff other than paying the electric company. Aspida Recovery has been in development and testing for a while now and will be available sometime between now and August. When it comes to ensuring your data protection and keeping your office up and running in the event of a data disaster, it should be on a very short list for you to investigate.

    Dr. John Flucke
    Dr. John Flucke is in private practice in Lee’s Summit, Mo. He also serves as technology editor for Dental Products Report magazine and ...


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