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    5 reasons hygienists are the key to a great dental practice

    From being mediators to educators, dental hygienists are the backbone of every dental practice.

    As a dental hygienist, you are good enough to meet all the challenges of a successful dental practice, and it is common for you to have to play many roles as well. Some of these roles include being a mediator, educator, revenue booster, team player and, for some, even a possible lifesaver.

    Dental hygienistDespite how chaotic juggling all these jobs may seem, just know that as the backbone of any great dental practice, you are well trained enough to handle it all. So, know your worth; you are important!

    Click through the slides to find out the five reasons hygienists are essential to every dental practice.


    Ethel Hagans, RDH, MBA
    Ethel Hagans is a dental hygienist first, and then, the author of the book Extraordinary Dental Care. She is obsessed with motivating ...


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