5 steps to a pain-free dental careerThese essential steps can be invaluable to preventing pain and ensuring career longevity.
Are right angles... wrong?
Are right angles... wrong?For years, sitting with your hips at a 90-degree angle was thought to be ideal. But research suggests otherwise.
Can acupuncture help with pain caused by dental malocclusion?
Can acupuncture help with pain caused by dental malocclusion?Two studies examined EMG findings from pre- and post-acupuncture treatment in patients with dental malocclusion to see if acupuncture can have an effect on patient pain.
4 evidence-based ergonomic strategies to save your dental career

Did you know that nearly two thirds of dentists who retire early are forced to due to a musculoskeletal disorder? And that studies show the prevalence of work-related pain in dentistry today is roughly the same as it was in 1946?