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How to cultivate an environment of authenticity in your practice [VIDEO]

Many of the dental leaders I speak to say that they are one person at work, and when they get home they become themselves.   

Sound familiar? 

Checklists — the secret tool to increased practice production [VIDEO]

The number one mission in today’s dental economy is to increase practice production. But how do we get there?

How to better engage with patients on social media [VIDEO]

Rachel Mele describes herself as an Internet and social media junkie … and she doesn’t believe she is that different than many of the people who sit in your chair on a daily basis.

Easy ways to improve customer service skills [VIDEO]

If you provide impeccable dental care, why does customer service matter so much? Jameson Management says patients need more in a dental experience than just great care.

How to fight the culture of cliques within your dental team [VIDEO]

Throughout her illustrious and storied career as a dental practice management consultant, Linda Miles has seen a lot of things that can negatively impact a dental practice.

The 3 most common battles within the dental practice ... and how to overcome them

Working as a consultant to dental practices around the country, I have seen way too many times a solid dental business torn apart at the seams because of inner struggles.

In this article, I want to expose the three most common battles I have seen, as well as offer my suggestions on how to eliminate those problems if you’re currently struggling with them.

Why you should treat employees as stakeholders [VIDEO]

What is the difference between an employee and a stakeholder? According to Chuck Blakeman of The Crankset Group, there’s a wide difference between the two terms.

4 steps to handling negative online reviews and posts [VIDEO]

You may have been reluctant to enter the social media world because you’re worried someone may post something negative about you. Or maybe there is that one bad review on a website that you cringe at the thought of. 

How to run your daily dental business meeting [VIDEO]

How should you be running your daily business meeting with the team? Sometimes, dental practice leaders are at a loss for what’s important and what should be addressed in the daily business meeting.

How to harness the power of relationship building for dental practice success [VIDEO]

Building relationships of trust and value is something we all work to do each and every day. It is through these actions that our relationships become stronger, deeper and allow both parties to achieve greater success.