How EHRs are changing oral systemic health

Incorporating oral systemic health knowledge and practice is becoming more important when it comes to improved dental and medical patient care and outcomes. The growing use of “next generation” EHRs will support its adoption into practices and groups.

Anastasia Turchetta's five hot dental hygiene topics for 2015

Warning: some football references are found sprinkled in this read! I will not bore you with play analogies for our profession or chant with a “there is no I in team” commentary. My intention is to provoke thought as you begin 2015. 

Exclusive Survey: Part of the team

It's time to come together. With everything we know and are learning about the oral-systemic link, dentistry can no longer be the missing piece of to the health care puzzle, an entity separate from the rest of the health care team. That simply isn't good enough for your patients. You have to become involved in your patients' overall health, and that means building relationships with their medical doctors.