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    Zahn Dental Labs introduces Zirlux Acetal

    The material is reportedly ideal for fabricating a variety of tooth-retained removable appliances.

    Zahn Dental Labs has introduced Zirlux Acetal to the lab market. Its natural-color clasps are designed to fit on the tooth and not the tissue, reportedly providing superior patient comfort and esthetics compared to traditional clasps.

    Zirlux Acetal is a 99.9 percent pure, highly crystalline millable thermoplastic. This copolymer is said to be special because the material is flexible when thin but becomes more rigid as it becomes thicker, making it an ideal material for fabricating a variety of tooth-retained removable appliances. The material is engineered to absorb virtually no water, reportedly delivering long-lasting performance and making it less likely to develop stains or odors.

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    Zirlux Acetal can be prescribed for: 

    • Removable partial denture frameworks
    • Bite splints/night guards
    • Cosmetic smile enhancers
    • Provisional crowns and bridges


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