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A recent report confirms scientists have created a new biocompatible material that may rebuild worn enamel and decrease tooth sensitivity for longer periods of time than current materials on the market.

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Wax to the max

The D66+ and D76+ wax printers provide efficiency, accuracy, and economy.
Dental Lab Products
Thu, 2010-09-09 19:07 | Information provided by Solidscape Inc.

Solidscape Inc.

Applying new technologies: Solidscape's D66+ and D76+ wax printers

The preXacto™ series of compact, benchtop 3D waxup printers are designed to allow small- and medium-sized labs to produce quality wax structures for pressing and casting with a short return on investment. The basic D66+ unit is capable of producing up to 750 units/month, while the larger D76+ model doubles production to 1,500 units/month. The waxup printers incorporate SCP® (Smooth Curvature Printing) technology to enhance the surface finish (5,000-dpi XY resolution), speed, and production yields by increasing throughput performance. The printers use the proprietary DentaCast® build material (in combination with the Indura® Fill support material), which is formulated to provide rapid melt-out with no residual ash and no thermal expansion, while also enhancing material strength and handling. Both can receive open-architecture STL or SLC design files.


  • High production yields (D66+ = 20 units/16 hours; D76+ = 40 units/16 hours)
  • Can print crown and bridge substructures, pressable overlay forms, and denture frameworks
  • Short return on investment
  • Small footprint to fit on benchtop
  • Allows unattended operation for up to 72 hours
  • Auto status monitoring, fault detection, and restart of build from point of interruption
  • Open-architecture design
  • Build material burns out cleanly
  • Adjustable build layer thickness (25.4 to 63.5 μ)