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    The top 10 states to be a dental technician

    Where dental labs are having the most success.

    Americans take a lot of pride in where we live. Some of us have an almost religious connection with our local sports teams; we staunchly defend our regional accent as the “normal” one and we even have a weird connection about what we call our soft drinks (is it “soda,” “pop” or do you just call everything a “Coke”?). We decided to heat up those border battles even more by ranking the best places to live and work as a dental laboratory technician.

    10 best states to be a dental technician graphic

    Money is certainly important, but we didn’t just focus on that. There are other factors involved. While lab technicians in Alaska made the most money ($53,030 per year) there are only 60 in the state and even with that wage, Alaska came in at number 45 in the rankings. We looked at the nation across 11 different metrics:

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    • Mean wage (the national average was $40,760 per year)
    • Oral health
    • Number of technicians (there are 37,110 in the country)
    • Location quotient (the local concentration of techs versus the national average)
    • Cost of living
    • Crime statistics
    • Population’s overall well being
    • Population’s financial savviness
    • Stress (Including work-related, family-related, money-related and health and safety related stress)
    • Education level
    • Dental habits

    We looked at each state using these criteria and gave each state a number from one to 50, depending on their ranking (one being a very good number and 50 being a very bad number). We then compiled the 11 number rankings for each state to give that state a “final score.” We ranked the states from one to 50 based on that final score to give us the 10 best states to be a dental lab technician.

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    Robert Elsenpeter
    Robert Elsenpeter is a freelance writer and frequent contributor to Dental Products Report and Dental Lab Products. He is also the ...


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