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    The top 10 developments in dental technology in 2017

    2017 has been a year of advancements ­— not in tools themselves, but in how they impact the industry.


    Smile design

    2. An increased role of imaging in smile design 

    Certain technologies play a huge role in emotional dentistry, like video. 

    “Video is currently used to gather information for the design team,” Atwood says. “It is helpful for designing the right smile for the patient because observing the patient in casual conversation shows things like how much of their teeth are seen while they speak and how much light reflects off of their teeth.

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    “There is a lot of virtual smile software available out there now because there has been an explosion of offerings on the market,” he continues. “One that is used a lot is DSD, or Digital Smile Design. They’re one of the leaders in this area. They have a comprehensive, cloud-based software that the doctor can use and work with designers from around the world who help them to create these smile designs and then show them in their offices to all of these patients.” 



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