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    Technology in action: How embracing digital dentistry opens up possibilities

    One lab owner explores how technology has impacted his workflow.

    Dental laboratories were some of the first facilities to adopt computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. As such, lab technicians have always been the go-to experts when handling digital impressions.

    Printed working model. However—despite the benefits of improved accuracy—early systems were cumbersome, needed messy powders and sprays and required a model to be printed for every impression. While my lab has been accepting digital impressions for 15 years, it’s only within the past four-to-five years that newer systems and enhanced features have made accepting digital impressions an undoubtedly beneficial business decision. 

    [Editor's note: The following pages show how technology is changing dentistry, and is accompanied by a sample case. Read how the digital workflow is shifting expectations as you follow a digital case.]

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    Mike Zuber, Founder of the CNC Group
    Mike Zuber is the founder of the CNC Group, a national alliance of dental laboratories. He’s also the owner of Watson Dental Lab in ...


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