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    Step-by-step: Providing immediate esthetics for implant cases

    A technique for immediate implant placement after extraction followed by immediate temporarization


    A detailed report is provided for the surgeon to review.

    Fig. 6 A detailed report (only partially shown here) is provided for the surgeon to review.

    Barring any unexpected concerns, the final osteotomy is step by step. The guide is seated in the patient’s mouth and the site is drilled based on the indicated protocol. Once the proper torque has been achieved with the implant, the temporary restoration is placed using the jig. Minor alterations can be made to the restoration if necessary using light cure composite and a handpiece.

    Technique: Using digital tools to create beautiful implant restorations

    Dentists focusing on improving their aptitude in implant dentistry from surgical placement to restoration will find this is another tool to help them achieve their goals as they relate to providing patients solid, esthetic and predictable implant restorations. Clinicians who successfully adopt a partnership with a digitally-advanced and skilled laboratory should not fear or avoid large implant-supported restorations or treatments. Bringing together expertise and various skills can help your patients walk out of your office with a smile.

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