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    Step-by-step: Providing immediate esthetics for implant cases

    A technique for immediate implant placement after extraction followed by immediate temporarization


    The assembled guide on the model.

    Fig. 3 The assembled guide on the model.

    Once the implant position and size and angulation are finalized, the laboratory can start the fabrication process. The guide itself is designed using the manufacturer-established protocol for the doctor’s surgical-guided drilling kit. Once exported as an STL file, it is 3D printed using either an EnvisionTEC Vida or Stratasys Objet 350v. Simultaneously, a separate file is exported with digital versions of the same scan flags used in scanning physical models for implant design. This file is imported into 3Shape as a digital impression and designed as a screw-retained or cement-retained restoration depending on the doctor’s request. The design is based around a non-engaging Ti base abutment to prevent any concerns with correct timing during implant placement.

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