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    Step-by-step: Providing immediate esthetics for implant cases

    A technique for immediate implant placement after extraction followed by immediate temporarization

    Today, immediate implant placement after extraction and immediate temporization is becoming an increasingly popular option for many clinicians.

     finished immediate temp on the modelImplants have revolutionized dentistry and are allowing patients whose only hope 40 years ago would have been to get complete dentures to now be able to have an esthetic and functional fixed prosthetic. Initially, dental implants were placed by oral surgeons, and their restorations were almost entirely undertaken by a prosthodontist. As implant science improved with different surface treatments and an increased scientific body of knowledge about the process of osseointegration, more clinicians started to delve into implant placement and prosthetics.

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    Immediate placement of dental implants after extraction and the patient’s need to have an immediate fixed restoration of dental implants have pushed many clinicians into providing this service to their patients. One way dentists are able to offer patients quick, accurate, esthetic, long-lasting and functional restorations is for the clinician to utilize a dental laboratory with a digital workflow. 

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