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    Step-by-step: A better screw-retained zirconia prosthesis

    Luke Kahng shows how to create a beautiful zirconia restoration using CAD/CAM and layering techniques.


    Wax try-in

    Fig. 3 Wax try-in

    In Figure 3, the author has created a wax mandibular try-in for the dentist to try in the patient's mouth. After doing so, and receiving approval from the patient, the dentist sent it back to the lab. The author then mounted it on the cast model and duplicated it, noting teeth size and length. He then did a preliminary scan and design, putting back whatever is necessary to the facial area. During the scan, he could then measure the first cut back on the lower anterior teeth numbers 22-27—approximately a 7/10 inch cut. 

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    Luke S. Kahng, CDT
    Luke S. Kahng is an accomplished lab technician, specializing in high-end ceramic restorations. Luke has served on several major dental ...


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