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Did you ever hear the axiom “you can’t be a little bit pregnant?” In other words, someone either is or is not expecting. There is no in between.The same is true for most dental disease.

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IDS Demonstration: exocad GmbH to show exocad DentalCAD’s integeration with 15 desktop, intraoral dental scanners

In an IDS first, exocad GmbH will pair their exocad DentalCAD software with the largest number and range of open dental scanners in the show’s history.
Mon, 2013-03-11 10:00

exocad® GmbH has announced it will demonstrate exocad DentalCAD’s integration with over 15 different open dental scanners at the upcoming IDS exhibition in Cologne, Germany.

“We are thrilled to provide IDS attendees with the opportunity to see our exocad DentalCAD software integrated with so many different desktop and intraoral scanners,” said Tillmann Steinbrecher, general manager and CEO of exocad GmbH.  “Exocad means freedom of choice. OEMs choose us because we provide the most options for integration and customization."

exocad DentalCAD is known for its fast and intuitive operation, allowing dental labs to maximize productivity and minimize training costs.  The software’s user interface provides a highly interactive 3D modeling experience, making it easy to learn and use by both new and master dental lab technicians. 

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The base software can be used to design a wide variety of indications, including anatomic crowns and copings, offset copings, bridge frameworks, inlays, onlays, veneers, waxup digital copy milling, waxup-based frameworks, and primary telescopes.  A wide range of add-on modules can quickly expand functionality and offer advanced features, such as design of custom abutments, bars, bite splints, provisionals, and more. 

Because exocad DentalCAD is open to such a wide variety of third-party devices, exocad can quickly respond to emerging trends in digital dentistry, offering their partners and dental labs insurance against technical obsolescence.