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    How Straumann USA's digital workflow helps Peterson Dental Lab increase its market presence

    The Straumann CARES System 7.0 keeps Peterson Dental Lab competitive.

    Straumann® CARES® System 7.0 offers users full flexibility to choose a workflow through a single system. The validated workflow provides direct access to precise, high-quality Straumann materials and restorations through Straumann’s centralized milling facilities and pre-set design parameters. The external (open) workflow offers users full flexibility through open STL files to send data to the milling center of their choice for the material type of their choice.

    Straumann’s software also includes a free service feature that allows technicians to connect via the design software with trained CDTs for technical support on cases. Onboarding marketing support and training programs brings laboratories up to speed with Straumann quickly, giving technicians confidence  they chose the right system to keep their lab competitive for years to come.

    Located in Delray Beach, Fla., Mike Peterson has owned and operated Peterson Dental Lab since 1978. Known for his exceptional implant work throughout South Florida, he has set the standard for quality in the highly esthetic tri-county area. With the addition of  his son, Chris Peterson, who was recently elevated to operations manager, the two have forged a dynamic partnership. Mike and Chris’ experience and vision have propelled the company into this digital dental world.

    Customers of Peterson Dental Lab liked the abutments they received so much that it became impossible for the Petersons to continue delivering the high-quality products in a timely fashion without getting some help from today’s technologies.

    “Demand for our handmade abutments grew beyond our production capabilities, so we embraced the CAD/CAM world, allowing us to virtually design abutments,” Mike Peterson said. “Along with increased efficiency and productivity, we have been able to meet the demand and maintain a high standard of quality.”

    Working with a company like Straumann USA also has helped the lab thrive in today’s ever digital world. The Straumann Validated Workflow has helped it all come together smoothly at Peterson Dental Lab.

    “Our unique partnership with Straumann has increased our market presence over and above what we could accomplish on our own,” Mike Peterson said.

    “Moving to digital has been seamless with the Straumann Validated Workflow system. A combination of the new Straumann’s CS2 scanner, iTero, and our skilled technical scan team, we are proving to clinicians that this will be the future, and it’s already here.”

    Chris Peterson said the Straumann technology is helping the lab keep up its reputation for delivering great implant work, and to do so more efficiently.

    “CAD/CAM abutments offer a one piece option with no alloy cost to the clinician,” Chris Peterson said. “Implant overhead costs have decreased dramatically within our lab by relying on the new CS2 scanner. No longer do we have to stock large amounts of gold castable parts.”

    Chris adds that his age group may be more intune with adding technology than say his father’s generation, but that Straumann can help labs of varying sizes and technicians of varying ages to grow dramatically.

    “My generation has a fascination with going digital and living at the cutting edge and our lab is there. Straumann has attributed to this success,” the younger Peterson said.