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    How to process the Integrated Bar

    The new removable wrap-around bar is uniquely designed to be comfortable and esthetic, while not compromising patient hygiene.

    One of the most talked about and most commonly offered bar options for patients have become the “fixed wrap-around bar” more commonly known as the All-on-4® dentures. From an esthetic and comfort perspective this is great solution, however from a hygiene perspective this option falls far short of perfect.  

    And so to overcome this hygiene problem Panthera created the unique “Integrated Bar” (IB™).  The IB™ now offers the patient all the benefits of having a wrap-around bar without compromising the patient's hygiene. This very unique concept allows for existing fixed wrap-around bars to be easily converted to an Integrated Bar. 

    My objective in this step-by-step article is to outline the processing procedure for the IB™. The IB™ is made up of various components which facilitates the easy conversion from an All-on-4® to an IB™. 

    Continue to the next page to see the step-by-step technique.



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