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    Hourly and annual salary numbers for dental laboratory technicians

    Looking at the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics—and what the data means for you.


    Where all the lab techs at?

    California has (by far) the most dental technicians of any state in the United States. 4,600 technicians work there, compared with 2,900 in Florida and 2,200 in Texas, the second and third most, respectively. Of California’s nearly 5,000 dental technicians, over 1,000 of them work in the Los Angeles area. The region with the second-highest density of dental technicians is Atlanta, though Georgia does not rank in the top five of number of dental technicians. Comparatively, North Dakota only has 170 dental technicians state-wide, and Montana only has 180! 

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    There is not necessarily a correlation between how many dental technicians there are and how much they are paid. For instance, though Alaska ranks in the bottom 10 states in terms of number of dental technicians (only 70 report living in The Last Frontier!), the technicians laboring in Alaska make, on average, $26.05, nearly seven dollars above the national average. On average, dental technicians in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and Montana also make significantly more than the national average. For instance, in the Rochester, N.Y. area, dental technicians make an average hourly wage of $28.84 (an average annual salary of just under $60,000).

    An industry in transition

    So what does all of this mean? Well, the good news—salaries in 2014 were higher than in 2013! There was about a $1,500 increase in annual salary for dental technicians. And in the five years before the most recent survey, salaries for dental technicians have risen roughly $2,500.

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    But there’s also some not-so-good news. If the trends are accurate, the U.S. government is also reporting shrinkage in terms of the number of dental technicians out there. In 2009, there were 40,480 dental technicians. And in 2005, there were over 45,000 dental laboratory technicians in the United States. That number fell to 36,790 in 2012-2013, and fell to 2014’s 35,320.

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    Ryan Hamm
    Ryan Hamm is the Editorial Director for Dental Products Report and Digital Esthetics.


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