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    Applying the Amalgam HoG in your practice

    This filtration technology performs amalgam separation and other contaiminant removal.

    The new RAMVAC® Amalgam HoG from DentalEZ is said to be a high efficiency filtration system designed to safely and effectively remove harmful waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

    Powered by Apavia®, the Amalgam HoG reportedly employs advanced vacuum technology and has a retention rate of 99.7 percent.

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    Economically and environmentally conscious: The Amalgam HoG is equipped with an advanced cyclonic filtration system designed to efficiently and effectively separate and remove amalgam, mercury, alloy and other unsafe contaminants from the waterline, reportedly protecting and extending the lifespan of the vacuum pump and virtually eliminating harmful waste into the environment.  

    Durable design: The Amalgam HoG has a large tank capacity and is designed to safely and reliably service up to 10 water systems at one time. The large replacement canisters reportedly reduce the frequency of necessary change-outs and are universally molded with industry-standard connections that fit all existing installed units. The simple design is said to allow canisters to be removed and replaced without tools. Moreover, the Amalgam HoG has a clear exterior, reportedly providing users with visual fill level inspection and making replacement easily identifiable. All replacement canisters are environmentally safe and recyclable.

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    Simple maintenance: The Amalgam HoG is designed to provide ease of maintenance with no traps to deal with and, depending on the plumbing system, allows ambidextrous installation and replacement. The patented no-tool necessary housing is said to allow for easy access to the filter for extremely simple replacements. Amalgam HoG filters come with a unique handle for lightweight and easy removal, a bag for proper disposal and a double O-ring bottom canister exchange.

    Regulation compliant: In addition, the Amalgam HoG is said to comply with all existing and pending state regulations. The product reportedly meets all proposed Environmental Protection Agency regulations and is compatible with all new standards, preparing users with early compliance. The Amalgam HoG is said to be NSF certified ISO 11143:2008 and also complies with the American Dental Association’s Best Management Practices (BMPs) that protect the dentist, staff and patient.

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