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    9 things you REALLY need to know about digital imaging

    Unpacking terms like open, closed and everything in-between.

    The first time you bought a computer, terms like server, gigabyte and RAM (among others) were probably somewhat befuddling. Every technological thingamajig has its own vocabulary and concepts, which can be confusing to those new to the device.

    Dental imaging has its own terms and concepts that might be stumbling blocks for those considering a foray into the world of CAD/CAM.

    9 digital trends you NEED to know

    Dental imaging is the first stop in a CAD/CAM solution—it is the place where the dental anatomy is captured by a scanner—either directly from the patient’s mouth by the dentist or from a model in the lab—and put into the computer for manipulation by design software, ultimately to be manufactured on a mill or 3D printer.

    But once you understand the terminology and the concepts, the world of dental imaging is not quite as daunting.


    Continue to page two to read about closed systems...


    Robert Elsenpeter
    Robert Elsenpeter is a freelance writer and frequent contributor to Dental Products Report and Digital Esthetics. He is also the author ...


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