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    8 emerging technologies that will change the dental laboratory

    These innovations are already in other industries—and they’re coming to dentistry soon, bringing changes that will have huge implications.


    Carbon 3D printing

    3D printers

    3D printing has already taken the dental lab world by storm. But there is room to grow in the printing technology itself (not to mention the realm of 3D printing materials, which we cover in more detail on slides eight and nine).

    For starters, there’s Continuous Liquid Interface Production, a proprietary 3D printing technology owned by Carbon. This method of 3D printing is engineered to be around 100 times faster than current 3D printing speeds, and also has the added benefit of looking like a science fiction movie. Just watch this video and imagine if that was a denture being created before your eyes.

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    Other 3D printing technologies are also drastically changing what labs can do in terms of cost, speed, accuracy or other factors. 3D printers that can print different materials from the same printer are already on the market, and as those improve, it’s easy to see how dental solutions needing different materials (say, removables) could someday be entirely printed. There may not be a more disruptive technology coming to dentistry than 3D printing, and what we’ve seen at this point is likely just a hint of what’s to come.

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    Ryan Hamm
    Ryan Hamm is the Editorial Director for Dental Products Report and Digital Esthetics.


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