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    8 emerging technologies that will change the dental laboratory

    These innovations are already in other industries—and they’re coming to dentistry soon, bringing changes that will have huge implications.


    DNA testing

    Genetic personalization

    While gene-mapping is a relatively new technology, it presents some fascinating glimpses of how personalized care could look in the future. Right now, some companies are using gene mapping and DNA to explore individualized nutrition plans that could look wildly different from person to person.

    It’s easy to see how this kind of hyper-personalization could apply in the dental world. Imagine having access to a person’s genetic make-up so you’d be sure that a particular material type would work best in a patient’s mouth—you could make sure that any genetic history wouldn’t result in future problems. Additionally, dentists could use the same functionality to ensure that any bonding products they use for restorative work would behave with the genetic material of the patient.

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    For implant cases, the entire dental team could also track how bone growth happens in individual patients and what kind of osseointegration they can expect in a given case. As restorative and prosthetic dentistry becomes more and more personalized, the possibility of genetic information informing specific cases is an exciting possibility.

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    Ryan Hamm
    Ryan Hamm is the Editorial Director for Dental Products Report and Digital Esthetics.


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