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    5 ways technology has changed the implant workflow

    From FDA involvement to improved digital technology, implant technology is evolving all the time.


    FDA building

    FDA involvement in laboratory

    Dental labs have traditionally operated outside of FDA involvement. Several factors have converged to shine a light on the laboratory industry. Labs have been milling restorations for well over a decade. Recently the cost of these milling machines has come down to a point that makes them available to a majority of labs.

    Additionally, the cost and accuracy of 3D printers has also made them an attractive asset to many labs. The desire to use these machines has pushed some labs into the realm of Medical Device Manufacturers. Custom abutments (and surgical guides) are medical devices, and require the manufacturer to register with the FDA. With the lack of experience of FDA registration within the lab field, many people didn’t know the regulatory standards for fabricating these prostheses. 

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