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    5 ways to get involved with digital dentures

    Considering digital dentures? Here are 5 ways to get started.


    Partial denture

    Don’t forget about partials

    While the edentulous population in the United States tops 36 million, the number of Americans missing one or more teeth stands at more than 178 million. As popular as implants and CAD/CAM crowns are, they will not be able to address the staggering number of patients who are missing some but not all of their teeth.

    Removable partial dentures have been fabricated digitally for a number of years now, yet a recent survey shows that only eight percent of RPD’s are fabricated through the use of CAD/CAM. Digital RPD design introduces a number of benefits, including reduced fabrication times and less material waste. Digital manufacturing methods exist for both traditional chrome-cobalt RPD’s as well as for newer metal-free options including PEEK and Valplast®. Perhaps the best part about digital RPD’s is the seamless integration with digital impression systems, providing labs with perfect mucostatic impressions for these sometimes challenging tissue-borne restorations.

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