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    5 techniques showcasing long-lasting results

    Esthetics and durability are no longer mutually exclusive, and these real-world examples prove it.

    Gone are the days when labs and dental offices had to choose between esthetic or durable. New materials, processes and techniques mean that patients are being left with a great smile that they can actually use.

    Lab technicians workingThis isn’t some pipe dream — it’s happening in the real world. Sure, patients care a lot about esthetics, but as time goes on they’ll start to care a lot about the durability of a restoration too! Whether it fails the day after completion or two years after, a failed restoration means an unhappy and an unhealthy patient.

    New technologies and materials are becoming more and more affordable and accessible for the dental lab, which makes them more and more affordable for dental patients. Here are 6 techniques demonstrating what some of these advances can offer. The great thing is that even for patients with older failed restorations, new techniques can mean a great smile that actually lasts.

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