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    The 5 craziest denture tips on the internet

    For every good idea on the web, there are thousands of bad ones.

    As an expert on dental prostheses and restorations, you might take it for granted that you do excellent work.

    But there is an entire corner of the internet that says, “I don’t need an expert for that, I can do it myself.” Here is what happens when non-experts try to get into the dental game.

    Poorly made denturesYou’ve spent years training to use the best materials and techniques to create the best product that is esthetic, safe and (most importantly) functional. The following groups of people spent a few hours using household objects and YouTube guides to make or fix their dentures.

    After seeing some of the worst denture tips and “hacks” from across the internet, you’ll agree that the phrase “leave it to the experts” has never been truer.

    Not only will these tips not create something long-lasting or beautiful, they may just be the worst thing a patient could put in their mouth. They might be cheaper in the short run, but these could end up costing patients a lot more in wasted materials or health problems.

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