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    10 denture decorations for Halloween

    From razor sharp vampire fangs to buck tooth jack-o'-lanterns, these denture decorations will get you in the Halloween spirit.

    Dental lab technicians pride themselves on skillfully fabricating crowns, bridges, dentures, and other fixed or removable appliances. Precision and accuracy are key when it comes to their work.

    Vampire teethHowever, when it comes to Halloween, the opposite rings true. The more distorted and deformed the teeth, the better!

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    We’ve rounded up some of the best denture decorations for Halloween. Whether you’re looking for some grisly veneers to complete your costume or you need some inspiration for when it comes time to carve jack-o’-lanterns, we think you’ll enjoy these spooky options.

    Click through the slides to check out some of the best denture Halloween decorations.


    Kristen Mott
    Kristen Mott is the associate editor for Dental Products Report and Digital Esthetics.


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