Jill Nesbitt

4 ideas to help evaluate your PPO plans [VIDEO]

Chances are you are a part of anywhere from five to 10 dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. But do you know how each of them is performing?

Probably not.

3 quick tips to handle a difficult patient [VIDEO]

Is your day ruined by seeing a difficult patient in your daily schedule lineup?

How to save time on dental insurance verifications [VIDEO]

Wasting time with unnecessary dental insurance verification tasks can be a tough habit to break.

How to keep up in a chartless dental practice [VIDEO]

Jill Nesbitt, MBA, dental consultant and office manager, gives you three ideas to keep your chartless practice running seamlessly.

3 tips for better dental staff efficiency [VIDEO]

Is time being used efficiently in your practice? Do employees feel like they are doing meaningful work? Is everyone using time wisely?

Beware the unclaimed funds audit

In this month’s From the Office Manager’s Desk column, Jill Nesbitt describes her practice’s experience with an unclaimed funds audit and explains why it’s important for every practice to have an organized system to handle patient refunds.

How to increase your new patient flow [VIDEO]

How many new patients did you get last year? How many did you get last month? How were they referred to your office?

3 tips to convert a phone call into a patient [VIDEO]

If you’re working hard to bring in new patients, you know it can be a tough task. Here's help.

The top 12 things I learned at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting


As part of DPR’s From the Office Manager’s Desk series, Jill Nesbitt tells us what products she’s most excited about after this year’s Midwinter Meeting.


The secret answers to better telephone skills

All your marketing dollars go to waste if your secretary isn’t well-trained to handle new patient phone calls. You may invest thousands in direct mail, website upgrades or tens of thousands in television commercials because you need new patients.