5 great products we saw at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) meeting in San Francisco

After taking in the sights and sounds of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) annual session in San Francisco, as well as a new favorite restaurant in the Union Square district, I decided to set my sights on the AAO exhibit hall and see what products were grabbing the attendees’ attention.

CAD/CAM: Having it all ... your way

It’s all just ones and zeroes, off and on. It’s just that simple. It’s hard to believe that when a 25-year-old Texas Instruments engineer named Jack Kilby demonstrated the first integrated circuit, one person’s response was “But what is it good for?” That little integrated circuit, the off or on, the one or zero, gave birth to the digital revolution.

Dr. John Flucke's 10 dental practice predictions for 2015

Each year, Dr. John Flucke shares his predictions for emerging and continuing dental industry trends in the coming year. Here are his predictions for 2015.

Go beyond CAD/CAM with ATLANTIS™ from DENSTPLY Implants

Incorporating ATLANTIS patient-specific prosthetic solutions is an easy way to add a new, premium prosthetic dimension to the solution offerings of both dental laboratories and their referring practices.

A new intraoral scanning option for ATLANTIS abutments

DENTSPLY Implants now supports intraoral scanning for ATLANTIS patient-specific abutments using an iTero scanner.

How to make abutment placement a snap with ATLANTIS Abutment Core File [VIDEO]

In 2012, DENTSPLY Implants unveiled the ATLANTIS™ Abutment Core File solution, which provided a perfect digital edition of an ATLANTIS patient-specific Abutment to the lab designing the full case. ATLANTIS Abutment Core File solution to an even wider group of scanner users, as the system now works with 3Shape scanners and has undergone updates to fit comfortably in a fully digitized workflow.

Core3dcentres' Core Custom Abutments now available from iTero scans

Core3dcentres has announced that their fully contoured and colored Core Custom Implant Abutments (screw or cement-retained) are available based upon scans from Align Technology’s iTero® intraoral scanner.

Use iTero intraoral scanners with ATLANTIS abutments [VIDEO]

DENTSPLY Implants recently announced an expansion into the area of digital dentistry with intraoral scanning services for ATLANTIS abutments, a new business development designed to provide dental clinics and dental laboratories with an improved digital workflow.

Unpacking DenMat's new workflow solution with iTero intraoral scanners

DenMat Holdings, LLC, operators of the DenMat Lab is pleased to announce the availability of a digital workflow with Align Technology and their iTero intraoral scanner.

Top 5 new product innovations and updates of 2013

Product upgrades and true product innovation isn’t easy to achieve, but these five offerings represent products that were able to reach the next level in 2013.