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The top 3 software trends for 2018Looking ahead at the trends that will define this year.
8 things dental professionals need to know about exerciseThe exercises that work for the average person can be damaging to a dental professional’s health — but do you know which ones are dangerous?
What technology is right for your practice?Integrating new technology in your practice doesn’t have to be painful.
How to perform tissue management for accurate crown and bridge impressionsHow retraction pastes can be used to great effect in restorations.
I Use That: GC America’s G-aenial SculptOne dentist explains why he switched to using this universal nano-hybrid composite.
How to complete same-day restorations using intraoral scanningOne dentist showcases how the Planmeca Emerald can be used to create same-day, all-ceramic, full-coverage onlays.
Exploring improvements made to TempCanal™ EnhancedPulpdent President Fred Berk explains the changes that have been made to this calcium hydroxide paste.
Using Thermo Clone from Ultradent to create perfect impressionsWhy one clinician prefers to use this material to take great impressions the first time.
How to achieve esthetic restorations for the pediatric dental patientWhy supra-nano filled composites like Estelite Sigma Quick are a great option for young patients.
The power of a handpieceTaking a look at some of the most powerful and efficient dental handpieces in the market.
What 2018 means for insurance codingWhat you need to know, what you can ignore and how to keep from getting into trouble.
5 things to consider when choosing practice management softwareChoosing the right software doesn’t have to be difficult, if you take the right things into consideration.