Innovator Profiles

The 2018 innovator profilesHow these dental companies are pushing dentistry forward — and helping dentists, dental teams and patients along the way.
The 2017 innovator profilesDPR unveils its 2017 Innovator Profiles, including Dentrix, Bisco, the Chicago Dental Society and Whip Mix.
Here come the innovators: The 2016 Innovator Profiles
Here come the innovators: The 2016 Innovator ProfilesWith innovation comes great advancement. Find out how these companies partner with you to push the dental industry forward.
The top 10 most-read articles of 2014

Every year, Dental Products Report compiles lists of the most viewed and most downloaded articles, products, e-books, webinars and how-to guides on Here are the 10 most-viewed articles of 2014.

Innovator Profile: BEGO

Innovation drives our profession and DLP wants to recognize the companies at the forefront.  In this Innovator Profile, DLP spoke with Nick Azzara, Chief Sales & Marketing Office of BEGO USA about how BEGO is shaping the industry.

The 2014 DLP Innovator Profiles

Innovation never stops.

Well, it might stop—but as soon as it does, that’s a sign a whole industry and market is about to experience a serious downturn. Fortunately for dental labs, there’s no sign of lab innovation waning any time soon!