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Infection Control

Discussing current hot topics in dental infection control On the cusp of the organization’s 30th anniversary, OSAP’s thought leaders sat down again with Dental Products Report for a candid roundtable discussion on how far infection control has come in the dental industry … and how far it still has to go.  
Understanding the health effects of biofilms Rubber cup polishing has been an effective method for completing prophylaxis and controlling biofilm growth, and on-going research has expanded dentistry’s knowledge regarding the formation, growth, development, behavior and effects of biofilm. 
Vista Dental Products introduces SmearOFF Vista Dental Products recently introduced a new patent-pending EDTA-based formula called SmearOff™, which reportedly effectively removes smear layer and also kills bacteria.  
3 main steps for a proper infection control processAs a profession, we are charged with a very important mission — we need to provide the best possible care to our patients while doing it in an environment that ensures their safety.
The importance of hand washing in the dental practice
Hepatitis C case linked to Okla. dentist's office; ADA releases statement [VIDEO]It was reported this week, following an investigation into an Oklahoma dentist accused of potentially exposing patients to disease, that there was one confirmed case of patient-to-patient hepatitis C transmission.
Implementing eco-friendly infection controlPreventing pathogen transmission among patients and dental health care personnel is the primary goal of infection prevention in the dental office. During the course of the work day, clinicians repeatedly perform hand hygiene, wear personal protective equipment, clean and disinfect surfaces (or apply surface barriers), sterilize instruments, maintain dental unit waterlines, and use single-use disposable items. These tasks often involve equipment and products that produce much waste, consume excess energy, and use toxic chemicals.