10 dental-related Instagram accounts you should check out

Instagram is a dental nerd’s dream! I love scrolling through and see what is being shared and what is "hot" on social media sites. I often post things I find interesting on my account. Of course, you know that Dental Products Report has an Instagram account, right?

How can you prevent violations of health and safety in the dental industry?

In 2013, investigators on a routine inspection of an oral surgery practice in Tulsa, Okla., discovered numerous violations of health and safety laws and major violations of the state dental act.

Nominations now being accepted for the 2015 Top 25 Women in Dentistry

It's time to recognize some amazing women in the dental industry!

For the sixth consecutive year, Dental Products Report is honored to name the Top 25 Women in Dentistry. We will be profiling these awesome women in our October issue ... but we need your help to know who the top 25 women are.

What are your sacred cows?

Millennials need to feel as if their treatment is important and that they are on the right track; this means being inquisitive. Is there anything in the practice of dental hygiene that should be exempt from questioning and examination? 

Why Knotty Floss is 'knot' your ordinary dental floss [VIDEO]

In her 30 years as a dental hygienist, Elizabeth Martens has heard plenty of times why people won’t floss … they simply can’t get their hands and the floss inside their mouth.

The top 10 states and cities searching for information on 'bleeding gums'

It’s often the first sign to a dental patient that something might be wrong in his or her mouth … bleeding gums. They may not know the term “periodontal disease,” but your patients certainly know about bleeding gums.

The link between dental professionals and solving migraine headaches

For Anastasia Turchetta, RDH, everything in the dental practice begins with the patient's health history form. That includes the possibility of the dental practice being the place where a patient can finally rid themselves of migraine headaches.

How to succeed with implementation of dental practice management software [VIDEO]

I recently did a podcast with Dayna Johnson, a practice management consultant and dental software implementation and training expert with Rae Dental Management. In the podcast, we discussed best practices and how to succeed with a dental software implementation.

What dental professionals need to know to help their patients protect their lips [VIDEO]

Do you believe that the lips are part of what dental professionals should be checking when their dental patients come into the practice?

How dental hygienists can find more time during appointments by talking less

The most common objection to providing additional services in the hygiene department is, "I don't have enough time to do more." That’s understandable. As the dental hygienists in the office, we are the direct line to patients, spending the most one-on-one time with them. As we all know, the list of required duties for a dental hygiene appointment is long and it includes talking.