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    Ultrasonic cleaner tips for effective instrument sterilization

    Following these tips can help to ensure the safety of your patients.

    After seating your 10 a.m. patient, reviewing his or her health history, taking vitals, taking any needed radiographs and perio charting, you open your wrapped or bagged instruments to begin scaling. Then you see it. Baked on, hardened crud on your supposedly sterile instruments.    

    hygienist looking at the cameraYour eyes become wide. Did the patient see this? What if they did, and now they won’t trust that any instruments are sterile! You excuse yourself to grab another cassette of instruments. You’ve just wasted precious minutes of treatment time, not to mention you are grossed out and hoping your patient isn’t too. You know exactly what happened. Your instruments weren’t properly cleaned, then inspected, before they went into the sterilizer. But you know you put them in the ultrasonic cleaner, so what went wrong? Here are a few ultrasonic cleaner tips to help avoid this situation.

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    Kara Vavrosky, RDH
    Kara Vavrosky, RDH is an Editorial Director at Modern Hygienist, a part of the Modern Dental Network. She is best known for running the ...


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