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    The top 16 worst dental patients ever

    We all have our share of dental horror stories, but these patients really top the charts when it comes to being difficult, gross and downright bizarre!



    Man with parrot

    Polly want some plaque?

    I had a nice, seemingly normal patient come in. As I was cleaning the mandibular anterior lingual, he told me that his teeth probably “weren’t too dirty,” because he had a friend that had a pet bird that would eat minerals and plaque off his teeth. He said while he hung out with his buddies, the bird would go from mouth to mouth and eat all the detritus off his and the other friends’ teeth.

    *Editor's note: Interestingly, we received multiple bizarre bird stories, from tooth-cleaning parakeets to a parrot that lived inside a woman's shirt... who knew patients could be so bird-brained?!



    Laura Dorr
    Laura Dorr is the executive editor of DPR's Modern Dental Network.


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