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    Hu-Friedy introduces periodontal maintenance curettes in collaboration with Anna Pattison

    This new set of four instruments is designed to allow for greater access subgingivally in patients with tight tissue

    Hu-Friedy, a global leader in the manufacture of high quality dental instruments and products, announced the launch of its new periodontal maintenance curettes developed in partnership with Anna Pattison, renowned dental hygiene educator and practitioner.

    Adding to Hu-Friedy’s reportedly already extensive line of scalers and curettes, this new set of four instruments is designed to allow for greater access subgingivally in patients with tight tissue.

    When periodontally healthy patients or those who have undergone periodontal therapy have tight tissue, standard or rigid Gracey curette blades are too big and thick to insert subgingivally. For periodontal maintenance patients, specifically, the gingiva tightens as it heals. These new instruments are said to feature smaller blades honed at a 60° angle with a modified rigid shank specially designed to allow easier access and easier insertion under tight tissue. Each design has a fine, sharp EverEdge blade that reportedly will insert effortlessly to the base of any sulcus or pocket to remove biofilm and new calculus.

    Innovator Profile 2015: Hu-Friedy

    “Hu-Friedy has a long tradition of collaborating with leading dental professionals to develop products that help practitioners achieve optimal clinical results”, says Hu-Friedy President Ken Serota. “Partnering with Anna Pattison to develop the periodontal maintenance instruments is the latest example of this innovation process, and we’re honored she has shared her decades of clinical insight and expertise with us to help create these unique designs.”

    “Since my first week of clinical practice, I have wished for a set of modified Gracey curettes to use on patients with tight periodontal tissue," adds Anna Pattison, internationally recognized speaker on advanced periodontal instrumentation. "After more than 40 years in practice, I am delighted to have had the opportunity to design this new set of Gracey curettes with Hu-Friedy, the original manufacturer of the Gracey curettes.”

    The periodontal maintenance curettes are available in 1/2, 7/8, 11/12 and 13/14 designs to provide access in all areas of the mouth. For more information on these and our full line of products, please visit hu-friedy.com.

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