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    ABC’s The Bachelor marginalizes dental hygienists: Why should we care and how should we react?

    Kara RDH tackles one of the most-talked about topics amongst dental hygienists today.

    To get you up to speed, if you haven’t already heard, on January 26, ABC’s The Bachelor posted on their Facebook page a compilation of 12 pictures depicting ridiculous and fake jobs that contestants have put on their applications over the years. Dental hygienist was included, among others like hashtag enthusiast, flatulence smell-reduction underwear tester, jewelry untangler, etc. You can see the post for yourself here. While the title of the pictures currently says, “Bachelor jobs are the best jobs!” please realize that this wasn’t the original title. It was edited. It originally said something to the effect of, “12 funniest and ridiculous job descriptions…” 

    [UPDATE: The offending image has now been removed from The Bachelor's Facebook page.]

    Why should we care as hygienists? When I posted about this situation on my Facebook page, I was surprised there were a number of comments asking why we should care, and even saying we are being overly sensitive for being upset by this. You may not even watch the show, and further think it’s just a reality show, so no big deal. Simply put, even if you personally don’t watch the show, millions of members of the general public do. The Bachelor’s Facebook page alone has more than 1.5 million followers.

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    Hygienists already have a hard enough time educating the general public on the importance of our services and role in preventive health, let alone getting the general public to realize we have a college education, must pass multiple board exams, and are licensed healthcare professionals. The last thing our profession needs is a widely viewed network and TV show marginalizing our profession. This is the core of why being included in the lists of jobs is offensive … we are educated, licensed professionals and our profession needs to be treated with a level of respect.

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    Kara Vavrosky, RDH
    Kara Vavrosky, RDH is an Editorial Director at Modern Hygienist, a part of the Modern Dental Network. She is best known for running the ...


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