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    The 7 weirdest gifts every dental professional NEEDS

    A guide to some of the best (and most unique!) dental-themed gifts out there.


    What it is:

    Giant tooth-shaped objects come in many forms, like this stool. This can be used in the home or as a decoration in an office. But please, for your back’s sake, don’t use this during any sort of examination or procedure—your posture is important!

    Why a dental professional wants it:

    Let’s face it. For all of the work you put into teeth, sometimes you get sick of them. All of the cleaning, the coddling, the brushing, the flossing you do can sometimes make you wonder who really runs the show. Here’s your chance to show a tooth that you own it.

    Buy a giant tooth and gift it as a footstool. Buy a giant tooth corkboard for the office, and take satisfaction that at least there’s one tooth in the world with holes in it that you don’t have to worry about. Give a tooth-shaped chew toy to your friend’s massive dog that’s destroyed 10 toys in the last two days.

    Or maybe you just know someone who’s generally really interested in teeth. There’s a wide world of gifts out there, and this might be just the place to start!

    Image source: Tooth stool

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