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    The 7 weirdest gifts every dental professional NEEDS

    A guide to some of the best (and most unique!) dental-themed gifts out there.


    Wall Art

    What it is:

    Something for the wall, whether it’s this vintage looking art or a reminder to brush and floss, or anything else, can be an affordable gift for anyone.

    Why a dental professional wants it:

    Everyone should update their walls every so often. As discussed earlier, art can be an important part of helping you become a more empathetic care giver. Art can make patients and employees alike happier, or just brighten up someone’s home.

    But perhaps the best reason to give art is to gently remind someone that the office has not been updated since 1978. Consider giving this way: “Hey I got you this art. It probably would look better on our walls if they weren’t still covered in vinyl wood paneling. If only there was some way to get rid of that.”

    The best gifts are the ones that ultimately end up benefitting you.

    Image source: Dentist patient prints, Brush Floss Smile wall decal

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