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    The 7 weirdest gifts every dental professional NEEDS

    A guide to some of the best (and most unique!) dental-themed gifts out there.



    What it is:

    This mug, or similarly snarky t-shirt, can be a great themed gift if you’re looking for something less expensive than a trip to Europe.

    Why a dental professional wants it:

    Everyone who’s ever looked at someone’s mouth for a living has thought, “I wish I could tell you what I really think right now.” Gifts like these are a perfect passive-aggressive way to help convince your patients that yes, flossing actually does help, and yes, you know what you’re talking about.

    And even if passive-aggressive seems a little too aggressive, t-shirts can always be hidden and mugs can be covered with a hand. The patient won’t know, but YOU know, and that’s all that matters.

    If you’ve ever heard a coworker sigh when that person walks through the door, consider giving them the gift of an eye-roll in physical form.

    Image source: Dentist mug

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