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    The 7 weirdest gifts every dental professional NEEDS

    A guide to some of the best (and most unique!) dental-themed gifts out there.


    Two paintings

    What it is:

    A trip to go see artwork. Whether looking at The Tooth-Puller by Gerard Dou (Left) or The Quack Doctor by Jan Havicksz (Right), a visit to an art museum would be a welcome gift for any dental professional.

    Why a dental professional wants it:

    For one, it’s a free trip—who wouldn’t be happy about it? This gift shows that you’re cultured, and you know they’re cultured, and will score you points for the rest of your life.

    But that’s not the only reason. Take the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GDSM). In 2014, they became the first dental school to require an art appreciation experience as a requirement for all first-year DMD students. Every incoming student is required to visit a local art museum, and after each visit, students discuss the art with their peers. Because art doesn’t have one specific meaning, it helps the students present their ideas and listen to their colleagues. According to the University, this helps the students overcome a fear of being wrong, and instead to look at every possible problem. Most importantly, perhaps, students felt that the exercise helped them to show more empathy toward patients and better explain a diagnosis and treatment options.

    And if greater empathy isn’t a good enough reason to give a pass to a local art museum or a trip to Europe, consider the possibility of getting rid of an annoying boss or coworker. If you give a long enough trip to someone, you can get them out of your hair for two weeks and gain considerable brownie points in the process.

    Image source: The Tooth-Puller, The Quack Doctor

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