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    The 7 weirdest gifts every dental professional NEEDS

    A guide to some of the best (and most unique!) dental-themed gifts out there.



    What it is:

    Jewelry comes in all shapes in sizes—many of them in tooth sizes. Shown here is a personalized silver keychain, but you might also consider these tooth cufflinks to keep you looking sharp.

    Why a dental professional wants it:

    Picture this: You’re out at dinner with a group of non-dentists. You don’t know any of them very well, but you’re getting along. The food is great, the wine is flowing, and the conversation is easy. Everything’s going well. The person next to you is a little tipsy, and starts talking louder, opening their mouth wider and wider. You look over and notice, there in the back—is all that plaque really back there? And is that a small caries starting to form? It’s a little hard to tell, so you look away. But the person keeps talking and you keep looking, and you slowly grow more and more convinced that this person needs some serious dental care, and soon.

    But you can’t say anything. You just met this person! They would take offense if you leaned over and whispered, “hey you should plan a visit to the dentist soon.” No one there knows you work in a dentist’s office, so you’ll look like a jerk.

    Cue the jewelry. Now instead of having to awkwardly explain that you are indeed a dentist while fumbling around for your business card that you forgot to bring, people will start asking you about your interesting taste in jewelry. No longer will you be ostracized for making comments during dinner—you’ll be providing sage advice on the fly and people will be thanking you for it!

    By giving your friends and family a simple gift, you have granted them the gift of easier dinner parties.

    Image source: Personalized Keychain

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