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    6 awkward dental office situations — and how to deal with them

    From dealing with a boss you hate to confronting a practice bully, here are some tips on how to handle difficult situations.

    While some hygienists wake up eager to get to their dental office, others may dread spending another day at the practice and dealing with the awkward situations that are sure to ensue.

    Awkward situationsWhether you have coworkers who love to gossip or a boss who barely recognizes your presence, being faced with uncomfortable office situations can take a toll. These awkward scenarios also detract from focusing on providing the best patient care possible.

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    We’ve compiled a list of six awkward — and unfortunately common — dental office situations and provided tips on how hygienists can tackle them.

    Click through the slides to get started.


    Kristen Mott
    Kristen Mott is the associate editor for Dental Products Report and Digital Esthetics.


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