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    The 5 worst ways to ask for a raise

    Everyone would love a raise—but there are several surefire ways to ensure you won't get one.

    What’s more important than recommending what you should say when asking for a raise? Talking about what you definitely should NOT say.

    Money in pocketResearch has shown over and over again that money isn’t the most important thing to employee satisfaction. But, if you feel you are underpaid for the work you perform, then “nice colleagues” and an “understanding boss” just don’t cut it. To make sure that I wasn’t just too cynical to write this article, we held a focus group to find out what they thought.

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    Lisa Newburger, LISW-S
    Lisa Newburger, a master's level social worker supervisor, helps audiences find humor in talking about tough topics. Her "in-your-face" ...


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