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    3 must-haves to help maximize your hygiene time

    Time is money, but you shouldn’t be forced to diminish the quality of care you provide to your patients.

    We’ve all heard the overused cliché “time is money,” and this rings especially true in dental offices where the amount of work that’s packed into each day is reflected as such. Although the quality of care should never be sacrificed for a higher quantity of patients, it is still key that any hygiene department stays productive, on schedule and profitable.

    CoverHaving what you need to succeed will allow more time to be dedicated to doing just that, rather than being wasted on events such as unforeseen circumstances, staffing issues, or simply sifting through drawers of worthless instruments. Being properly equipped with the right tools and right people works wonders and allows you to easily reach your daily goals without pulling your hair out in the process. 

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    Ethel Hagans, RDH, MBA
    Ethel Hagans is a dental hygienist first, and then, the author of the book Extraordinary Dental Care. She is obsessed with motivating ...


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