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    10 great date ideas for dental hygienists

    With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, here are some ideas to pass along to your significant other to make the holiday extra special.



    7. For the active hygienist. Let us not forget that February is American Heart Month, and I’m confident that your cookie bear experiences the responsibility that all hygienists do to spread awareness about the importance of heart health. For the active dental hygienist, consider taking a couples’ yoga class or perhaps purchasing a trial week to a local gym. Heart-pumping activities like racquet ball, a romantic but scenic walk, or even a throwback roller skating date are great ways to appeal to your energetic endorphin junkie.

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    Of course, the best way to bond with your turtle-dove while staying active is to book a couples’ dance class. From the foxtrot to ballroom dancing and every cha-cha-cha in between, I simply cannot imagine a better way to enjoy an evening with your loved one than to get your two left feet moving to the instruction of a semi-retired dance instructor while you hold back laughter.  If nothing else, it gives you some great moves for the kitchen and a fun story for happy hour.


    Katrina M. Sanders RDH, BSDH, M.Ed, RF
    Katrina M Sanders RDH, BSDH, M.Ed, RF, is a graduate and recipient of countless awards from the University of Minnesota’s School of ...


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